Southern migrants

Almost 1 out of 4 of the butterflies that we have here are migrants mostly from the south. These butterflies do not survive the winters here and work their way north colonizing as they go.  Monarchs are an example of this. Some show up early but more often in the later summer and fall.  The white asters blooming in the park right now are attracting many of these. Sachems, Fiery Skippers, Common Buckeyes, Painted Ladies and Variegated Fritillaries.

Common Buckeyes are just amazing!  They look like each one is hand painted.

Common Buckeye
Common Buckeye

In the fall the buckeye has a reddish tint to the under side of the wings called the Rosa form.

Common Buckeye rosa form
Common Buckeye- Rosa form 

Fiery Skippers are really common here right now.

Fiery Skipper
Fiery Skipper

Painted Ladies are having an irruption year.  I was in a place last week that had hundreds of them. They can easily be confused with American Ladies, but it’s a safe bet right now that if you see one it’s a Painted Lady.

Painted Lady
Painted Lady

And you never know when you may run into a day flying moth.  In this case, a Yellow Collared Scape Moth.

Yellow Collared Scape Moth
Yellow Collared Scape Moth

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