When I started this blog my thinking was to show the 99% of wildlife, particularly insects, that most people never see. Not because they are rare or not around but because most people don’t look closely. This Gray Hairstreak is a perfect example. A very striking butterfly when fresh like this one. They have a wide range and though not abundant are common in small numbers. But being small, they are overlooked unless seen through binoculars or in a picture.

Gray Hairstreak 2
Gray Hairstreak

Also today I had my first dragonfly of the year, a Common Green Darner, cruising around looking for dinner.  And in the cedar and pine grove a batch of Spring Azures, not to be confused with the Summer Azures from a previous post.  These came out a while ago but the recent warm weather brought out more of them. You can see by the picture that they look just like the Summer Azure. These may have been mostly males as they seemed to be patrolling for females and getting in territorial dogfights. Sounds a lot like the human species except that the Spring Azures don’t drink beer and watch football. At least not that I’m aware of.

Spring Azure
Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon)

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  1. Thanks Tom – I did share this on the facebook page so hopefully you’ve been seeing some “traffic” on your blog the past few days.  Happy Easter,Patti


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